Ever Hear Of Crowdfunding? WasZupp A Brilliant Idea In Crowdfunding!

One Time Donation Of $35 And You Can Start Receiving Donations For Your Projects!

This Is Not MLM, This Is Not Network Marketing, This Is Not A Business

This Is A Crowd Funding Platform Of People Helping People!

20 Years I Have Waited For A Program
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WasZupp Is That Program!

How Would You Like To Be Receiving Donations For Your Families Needs?

  • Pay Off All Of Your Debt?
  • Maybe A New Home For Your Family?
  • Fund Your Kids College Fund?
  • Buy a Car, Truck Or SUV You've Always Wanted?
  • How About Funding Your Retirement Account?

  • I Am Only Placing People Who Can Recognize An Opportunity Now
    Can You Get 3 People Who Will Donate $35 One Time To Receive Donations Yourself?
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    Why join the WasZupp Financial Freedom Team?  Because our #1 goal is to help each of our members get 3 people willing to make a one time donation of $35.  This is what will make me successful and YOU successful.  I have online/offline systems to grow our crowdfunding program worldwide and we teach YOU how!   We are a team that works together for the benefit of all.  Getting 3 & helping those 3 do the same is the key to success here!


    Waszupp Crowdfunding Global Directors

    One Time Donation Of $35 And You Can Start Receiving Donations For Your Projects!

    Let me address the issue of negative information on the internet.  I learned years ago to do my own homework and never take into account anything I find on the internet!   It's filled with people that have their own agenda and usually know NOTHING about what they're reporting on. I know some of the people involved in launching WasZupp Crowdfunding and believe in their integrity much more than I believe some internet ding dong hiding behind their computer.  My advice if you think it's a scam just don't get involved.  If you're willing to donate one time $35... you will be placed into the WasZupp Crowdfunding platform where you become eligible to receive donations yourself!  It's simple, it's fun, join or not your choice!

    Ever Hear Of Crowdfunding? WasZupp Is Taking Crowdfunding To A Whole New Level And You Can Be Part Of It!

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